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Vertical Logic Services

Corrosion Prevention & Repair
Vertical Logic Rope Access
As in most industries, corrosion prevention plays an integral role task when it comes to maintaining the structural integrity of high priority structures. In order to combat corrosion, one needs to know what is causing the corrosion in the first place, so that the correct method can be applied to ensure structural longevity
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Corrosion Prevention & Repair

Skilled workforce

Our staff, will inspect the structure and in conjunction with a coatings company, the most suitable product will be selected for the application

Coating Process

Once corrosion has occurred, the general scope will be to remove the rust either by grinding or by using a wire brush, and once removed, the coating procedure will commence.

NDT testing

On high priority structures we offer NDT testing to determine the structural integrity of the asset in order to assist with the planning of future or current maintenance required.

Vertical Logic Rope Access
All coating projects are followed according to supplier specifications, ensuring longevity of the building.
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Painting & structural repairs

Allows for the building to be visually aesthetic

Prevents long term structural damage due to water ingress

Visual Inspection
Vertical Logic Rope Access
Visual inspections are one of our more important, pre-work services as this allows for us to inspect, via a combination of photos and a drawn-out plan of defects when relating to any construction works that might be required during any maintenance period on any structure.
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Visual Inspection


Allows us to properly determine where the defects lie and in turn supply accurate quotations, as well future maintenance forecasting


Taken with a high-resolution camera as to provide the best quality when handed
over to the client for inspection of severity.

Recent completed work inspections

This will help the client to be able to confirm that the work was completed to his specifications and to provide the client the ease of mind that the work carried out was done in a professional manner.

General Maintenance
Vertical Logic Rope Access
General maintenance and cleaning is probably one of the most important aspects to a company. Not only does it ensure a clean working environment but also a healthy and safe environment.
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General Maintenance

Cleaning services

  • Window washing & cleaning.
  • Dust removal from hard-to-reach structures.
  • Wall facade cleaning
  • General cleaning where structures are not accessible

General Maintenance

General maintenance, once again might vary from client to client depending on their requirements. Some general services that we offer include.

  • Welding
  • Woodwork
  • Steelwork
  • General construction
  • Bolt torquing
  • Installations
  • Rigging

Silo Maintenance
Vertical Logic Rope Access
Vertical Logic performs cleaning and removal of debris and natural materials the internal facades of silos bins.  These techniques can be adjusted to perform exterior maintenance to all silo types.
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Silo Maintenance

Internal Coating System

Vertical Logic has, in conjunction with our coatings partner, are able apply an internal  coating system that prevents product from adhering to the walls of the silo, as well as the speeds up the rate at which product, can be moved through the silo. 

Extensive experience and training

Vertical Logic has the in house capability to assess, specify and carry out internal and external silo repairs and maintenance to both concrete and steel silos. Along with our industry recognized suppliers our guarantees on work performed provide you, the client with peace of mind.

Specialising in:

  • Covermeter Surveys
  • Delamination surveys
  • Structural repairs
  • Waterproofing system applications
  • Painting
  • Internal coating applications
  • Removal of build up
  • Internal & external cleaning

Vertical Logic Rope Access
Vertical Logic is a specialist in the signage industry with vast experience in all forms of signage. If required, we are able to manage your signage project from manufacturing all the way through to installation, using our industry recognised signage partners. General services provided include installation of signage and signage systems, removal of signage, maintenance to signage, and electrical troubleshooting of LED.
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Specialising in:

  • Hook and Bar systems
  • Cable systems
  • PrismaFlex / SpiritFlex systems
  • Vinyl and contravision applications
  • Lightboxes
  • Tubular aluminium frame installations
  • Chromadec installations
  • Fabricated Lettering, Illuminated/Non-Illuminated
  • Signage repairs and maintenance 
  • Stud Mounted Lettering

Vertical Logic Rope Access
Waterproofing remains the most important refinement to any structure. Vertical Logic prides itself in its ability to professionally assess roofing and or waterproofing damage as well as specify the correct course of action for maintenance of existing waterproofing issues.
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Roofing specialisation:

  • Asbestos
  • Steel roofing profiles
  • Roof tiles
  • Nu Tec tiles
  • Flashing and cladding

Waterproofing specialisation:

  • Silicone sealing of structural seals, window seals and weather seals
  • Acrylic reinforced systems
  • Membrane systems
  • Fibre reinforced systems
  • Cementitious systems
  • Heat-fused bitumen membrane systems

Wind Turbine Maintenance
Vertical Logic Rope Access
Blade repair

Vertical Logic employ certified GWO blade technicians who are trained to assess and repair damage to blades as well as turbines. The slightest defect on a blade reduces performance and if left untreated can develop into a more serious situation. We restore blades to their original condition in record time ensuring optimal performance.

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Wind Turbine Maintenance


Often blades or turbine structures get dirty. This is visually unappealing as well as poses the risk of reduced performance. Vertical Logic have the ability to provide industrial cleaning and degreasing services to structures without compromising the tower, turbine housing as well as blades.

Lightning Protection

To prevent blades or structures from being struck by lightning it is critical to ensure that lightning protection components are checked and then repaired or replaced. Vertical Logic supplies an inspection as well as replacement service for all components of the lightning protection system to OEM requirements.

Who We are

Vertical Logic Rope Access was founded in 2007 to provide rope access services to industries that require work to be performed in inaccessible areas or areas where it would not be feasible to use traditional access methods such as scaffolding or hoists. All directors and managers have had field experience in rope access with a combined experience of over 25 years.

At Vertical Logic we believe that our strongest asset is our staff compliment and therefore we treat them well beyond the industry standard. This ensures positive staff morale which in turn leads to the highest quality work output within prescribed deadlines. We believe in ultimate customer and employee satisfaction and this sets us apart from our competitors.

Health & Safety

Vertical Logic has an in house HSE division with accredited fall protection planners and developers. We comply fully to South African construction regulations as well as their applicable statutory bodies. We are also proud members of the Institute of Work at Height. 

All of our employees are trained to the highest of international standards. All teams come assembled with trained medics as well as supervisors with years of industry knowledge. We boast a 100% safety record to date.


Safe .

Given the risks that rope access brings, we have worked tirelessly to implement a safety system that not only complies with legal requirements, but also ensures that all work is done to the highest of safety standards so you, as the client have peace of mind.

Efficient .

We perform constant evaluations on our employees’ abilities as well as their interaction in the team environments through both onsite inspections as well as feedback from their peers. This allows us to select the best team for any specific job hence improving work efficiency.

Cost Effective .

Our efficient team coupled with our vast experience in management, affords our clients with a superior quality service while minimizing costs.

Our Vision

Providing high quality, safe and cost effective rope access solutions to the Commercial, Industrial and Maritime sectors

Every company needs to have a vision in order to successfully keep moving forward and it should be noted that a vision is something that is forever evolving with no end in sight. In short this means that there are always ways to improve. When it comes to these three qualities, and this is something that we take to heart and strive for in every job that we embark on, in order to satisfy our clients, who to us, are our #1 priority.

How we achieve this is through ongoing internal audits and on-site inspections.